The Keys to Vulnerability

Vulnerability is something many of us avoid due to fear of being judged, hurt, or at risk of failure. Being vulnerable can help us share with other people, and be open and authentic with ourselves.

But at what point are you “oversharing?”
We all likely know someone that leans into vulnerability too far, and overshares…

False Belief: If you don’t tell the whole story, you are not being truthful. 

Tasteful Truth-telling: 

  • Think through if the whole truth will cause more harm than good?
  • Would be inappropriate for the full organization to know all this information?
  • Eliminate gossipy intentions to uphold integrity 

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There are certain things that people need to know, and you can still be honest and share what you need to. 

Practice Tasteful Truth-Telling and see how it expedites the way you communicate and the impact you can make!


– AJ Sarcione