Reignite Your Spark

This week I had the honor of being a guest on Seek the Joy podcast, hosted by Sydney Weiss. We had a great conversation that made me reflect on what it means to seek joy.

Are you seeking out joy in your life?

While we work toward what we desire, it’s important to stay open to the moments along the way that bring joy…

They also bring unintentional perfection…

You can listen to the full episode here: CLICK HERE

Sneak peek of what we discussed:

  • How to Lead with Empathy & Compassion
  • Sparks & How we can Ignite Ours to Release Our Shine.
  • Steps to Get Your Shine Back
  • The gift of unintentional perfection!
  • Why NOW is the perfect opportunity to cultivate Greater Emotional Intelligence.

“We can lose our shine in the quest to try to fit into “the box”, … that is even more apparent now with what’s going on in the world.”

– AJ Sarcione

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