Reach for the Stars

Reach for the stars but know you might never actually touch one.

Reach for the stars but be thankful when you find yourself on top of the trees.

Reach for the stars but know you can only get there if you build something that moves you close enough.

It’s not that we shouldn’t reach for the stars and believe that it’s possible to actually touch them. It’s about being prepared for what you’ll need to put in, what you’ll encounter, and finding the mindset to never stop reaching no matter how tired your arms might get.

I’m seeing people share a lot about using this time to do something new and to create.

Then I see others share the opposite, and that it’s ok to ‘just be’ right now, and not feel the pressure to create.

Well, beyond many other thoughts, I think the latter group is suppressing people’s greatness, and because they’re vocal about it, they probably are in the background doing the opposite.

So, even if it’s finding something to be positive about, something you might want to reach for, and thinking more deeply about the possibility of it, you might as well spend your time doing that. It’s likely you will move yourself forward in some way as a result and who knows what else you could discover along the way.