It only takes One Spark to Ignite the Path to Success….

I hear from people all the time – about how growth and change can be overwhelming, about decision fatigue, about how “there are so many balls I am juggling” and “where do I begin?”

Simplify, and slow it down!

It simply takes one spark to ignite the path to success.

You’ve made some progress – which creates excitement.

THAT propels you forward….
As you move forward, you find more opportunities…..

When you lead with possibility and positivity more sparks catch light…and start a fire – like a matchbook.

Visualize: A matchbook in your hands…and you light ONE match.

Watch the other matches light on fire…

One by one.

By only ONE spark…you lit the entire matchbook.

From that, you will find yourself not only communicating with yourself more intentionally, but doing so with others too. And from intentional communication you Get Your Shine and accelerate success.

Think of this everytime you feel overwhelmed.

You simply need ONE spark.