Ignite Sparks: Passion

Being around our passion makes us spark. It makes our heart beat with a bigger, deeper, thump. It helps us radiate. It helps us shine.

Try these three ways to ignite sparks:

  1. Live Your Passion: If you haven’t spent time lately doing what ignites you or being around what lights you up, find a way to. Let it brighten the rest of your life.
  2. Connect Passion to Vision: See the future you want and find ways to bring what makes you passionate into what you do. Let it push you deeper into the vision you have for your future. It’s the ‘find what you love doing and commitment to doing it amazing and you’ll find success doing it’ idea.
  3. Smile: If you’re not smiling easily, get closer to what makes you passionate and watch your smile appear.

This photo was taken while I was around one of my biggest passions, music, while at a blues festival with one of my best friends. He has a love for photography and captured this following a great show, when he said, “pull the car over, I want to catch this good light.” What he caught was me loving life and it inspired this post. Passion is one of the characteristics that when sparked leads towards shine. Each time I look at this photo it reminds me of the moment, how I felt, and I suddenly feel ignited.