How Your Energy Affects You and Others

The way we show up can have an impact on how people speak about us over time that can go well beyond the achievements for which we’re known. Hopefully it’s for the better, but maybe there are moments where it isn’t. Fortunately, the energy that we create for ourselves and those around us is manageable, especially in times where we need a shift.

Think of some of the managers you’ve had throughout your life. Who are the most memorable. Why? You might remember someone for a negative reason. Something they did poorly or the way they treated you unfairly. But hopefully you recall someone who had an impact on you that was based on the joy they created in your life.

We have an ability to create how we show up. We can consciously allow ourselves to appear angry and disinterested. Or, we can show up with a smile and willingness to be open to what we’re about to encounter.

This thinking led me to thinking of a concept called ‘Light & Bright’. It first appeared in my life with a person who I’ve grown to respect strongly – a manager of mine who continuously creates joy for me who had a moment of their life where the situation they were in was getting the best of them. They were working in a job where what was ‘sold’ to them wasn’t necessarily true and they were responding in a darker, heavier way than ever before. The growth they gained from their past experiences far surpassed the expectations of what the new one offered, leaving them wanting more and being discouraged. As I thought about this, I gave some advice to be ‘Light & Bright.’

I reminded them that what we put into our surroundings will impact much of what we receive back from it and those that are in it with us. And with that, ‘Light & Bright’ became a memorable approach to energy shifting, one I also use personally when I find frustrating things in life getting the best of me.

When is a moment where you needed to energy shift? Did you? Next time, remember “Light & Bright.”