How Shine Leads to Awesome Outcomes

Important moments in our lives sometimes pass us by without recognition. We wake up, we work, do family and friend things, maybe a hobby, a few errands, eat along the way, pass out and do it all over again the next day. But when you look at a special moment, however that period of time is defined, what can you discover?

There’s surely more meaning to life than repetitive days. We’re not some hamsters running on a wheel. Though I’ve met plenty of people who I actually think are quite close. The actions and interactions we have can lead us to realizations of how lucky we truly are or how perfect something truly was in our life.

Have you ever started a job, accepted a role, knowing that it wasn’t exactly the right one but also knew that it had the potential to lead to what you truly sought? If not, there’s some work to be done there. Opening your mind to what might become and letting your heart propel you into the experience is important. But, for the sake of getting the point across, here’s an example.

I was seeking my first real job after college. Having done well in school and having nailed a few good interviews, I had a few jobs offered to me. One was a desirable role of junior publicist at a new network, another was an obscure assistant/project manager role for a well know television actor, and a third was a group assistant for a business development department in a new mobile division at Fox. Mobile might not create any question today, but when I was offered this, it was well before the time of watching content on phones. It was when ringtones and ring back tones were the premium content – if you remember those days.

Did I want to really be a group assistant in a business development department. Heck, no. Sounds like you’re a bitch to not one but many people. Statistics and business, boring people at that. But, what did I choose? You got it – the group assistant role.

During my interviews I had learned a huge deal was about to go through. We’d be acquiring a large European company in the mobile entertainment space. Immediately I saw dollar signs and opportunity. Acquiring a company meant figuring out how to make something work, and in that, what better place is there for an industrious, cheerful guy like myself. I’d have my hand raised for whatever came my way.

And, it wasn’t long after I started the new job that the energy I was putting out was being felt. Being felt by none other than the CEO. A few weeks into my new role she asked if I’d be open to sitting at the front of the office in the reception desk. Essentially doing my current job, but also greeting people who walked in. The next day I walked into the office and to my new desk. Didn’t have to walk very far…ha.

Over the coming weeks I met more people. Smiled at a lot of new faces and became closer to the CEO. It wasn’t long before she told me she was hiring a new COO for the company. He was going to be based in Europe but would be visiting in a couple weeks. She asked if I’d mind helping him arrange his trip and prepare for his arrival. I said yes, again. And I was introduced to one of the first people who has inspired me to do this work.

Lee Fenton, a man from London, was hired to help run the new company we created with the one we acquired in Berlin. We began our relationship over email. Soon after, he arrived in Los Angeles for the first time. By the afternoon Lee asked if I’d go for a walk. We sat down outside and he thanked me for all the work I had done. He felt prepared and well supported. “Would you like to be my assistant?” he asked me. I hadn’t been at the company but a few months and I was moving from group assistant, head bitch to the business development department (mind you, all awesome people who weren’t boring at all), to the right hand of the second most powerful person at our company. Why, yes! I’d love to be your assistant Lee.

The story continues and we had a great relationship. One that had me working for the CEO months later, when Lee took over. And then I had my first go at branding and communications when he gave me the role to be the lead in the US for the early work we did on rebranding the company.

Point of all of this is, opportunity. I saw the possibility of what could become, and whether you want to call it manifestation or luck or whatever you care to define it as, it happened. I grew. And I grew fast. I welcomed each moment as another to build who I would become, and those moments created a foundation for exactly who I am today. It’s an example of a concept that is the foundation for this work around shine and how it can lead to unintentionally perfect situations.

Heart, Mind, Shine. When you’re applying your intellect to it’s best abilities, embrace empathy, and have a grasp on EQ and are joyful and optimistic, you begin to shine. People around you notice you more. Your impact grows and you grow with it.

For your mind, the focus is on specific attributes that are connected to how you apply your intellect and focus, and for your heart, it’s about how you emotionally approach a set of specific characteristics. When these attributes and characteristics are engaged, they create sparks, and those sparks lead to shine. You radiate something people desire. Doors open. Potential is met.

As the greatness comes to you, and you look at the moment you’re in, you begin to realize, this is unintentionally perfect. I didn’t construct this. I lived. I didn’t weasel my way into this. I welcomed the opportunity. I didn’t worry about what was right, I focused on what was awesome. I had a sense that what was happening was meant to be and saw the beauty in it all. I focused on a future version of what I wanted to become. And I’m rewarded in the mini-milestone of fulfillment I’m receiving today.

You can get unintentional perfection in your life when you engage your mind and heart potential to their greatest strengths, and thus shine. Because the shine you create around you propels you into the possibilities of what can become. And you’re rewarded with growth and being a step closer to the vision for which you can’t loose sight.