How Confident are You?

“Internally, true self-confidence will lead to more positivity, happiness and resilience,” said Charlie Houpert, author of ‘Charisma on Command.’ “Externally, high self-confidence will lead to taking more risks, which directly correlates with reaping more rewards.”

This comes with work. This comes with practice. This comes with deflecting people who try to break you down. And even better, this comes with people who lift you up and help you build your confidence.

You can’t be given this ability. You must earn it. And as you build your leadership brand, it takes simply one spark to start becoming more confident and shine.

As you do, it’s important to think about ego vs confidence.

One is about the perception you have of yourself in relation (or lack thereof) to others and the surroundings you’re in. The other is about the support and belief you have in yourself to be able, capable, and successful, which results in trying new things, and often being happier. The first is ego. The second is confidence. And beyond both is self-esteem.

When you build confidence in yourself, you help to fuel positive self esteem. That is what helps make you show up better in life and in work. And as a leader, this helps you to guide people better. You likely showcase humility, vulnerability agility, strength and awareness. Be aware of who you are, what you’ve built, and how far you’ve come, while recognizing most of those who see you as a leader are seeking your help to guide them to the same.