How Can You Hire Yourself?

It’s easy to feel pulled in 1,000 locations at once!

Trying to do ALL of the things. Often times, NEEDING to do ALL of the things.

This tends to lead to overwhelm, and even when we know we need support, it’s hard to let go. Because, we’ve have been doing so much for so long, how do we know where to let go?

Answers: look where you SHINE the most!

Whether you are an entrepreneur, an independent contractor, an employee, or simply trying to manage your life at home, a powerful exercise is to ask yourself:

How can You Hire Yourself?

Break down your approach to answer the following questions:

  • What do you actually want to do?
  • What are you actually good at?
  • Where are there areas where you’re going to need support?

Stop Doing:
Stop trying to become something or someone you are not by trying to be it all. We have skills we can excel in and love, as well as, things other people might be better suited to do.

  1. Hire yourself
  2. Make sure you fit the role
  3. When you find the thing that is a right fit, that is when you will SHINE

– AJ Sarcione

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