Have You Found Your Voice?

Have You Found Your Voice?

We are living in a moment where people are speaking more about what they believe in to try and create a better future for humanity. And people are using their voice to try and help others grow.

With everything that’s going on in the world, people’s voices have been shining through.

However, it can be challenging to define “what is my voice.” At the core is you being true to who you are and allowing your true self to SHINE through!

We crave authenticity. We want to see YOU.

In today’s video, I give you some of my best tips on how to find YOUR voice!

Be who you are

Recognize that might not be for everyone. As you open yourself up to the public along with the supporters, there will always be a few haters.

Try not to take criticism to heart, and find ways to grow from the feedback.

Allow people to have their opinions, and stay true to your purpose.

You Don’t Have to Be Someone, You Don’t Want to Be:

But, know the risks: Will this polarize my audience in a way that doesn’t serve my purpose? Am I inciting unnecessary conversation or creating conflict? (unless that IS Your purpose!)

Find Your Voice:

Having trouble finding your voice? The key to finding your voice is understanding Who You Are, and What is important to you. Take the Shine Scale ™ today!

– AJ Sarcione