Big Idea Coaching

Last year I wrote, designed and published three books. That’s not a statement to pat myself on the back. Nor is it one to try and sell you on them (though they are available on Amazon – haha.)

I share that because I can help you make big achievements like this too.

I often hear people talk about their desire to write a book. Well, let’s do it! Or I hear people speak about how unhappy the are with their job, yet I don’t hear them talking about solutions for finding the joy they’re missing.

My belief is, it starts with big idea thinking. And that’s why I offer BIG idea coaching.

What is BIG idea coaching?

  • A limited amount of sessions with pre- and post- work, meant to focus us and create results
  • Begins with The Shine Scale™ (so we can benchmark and recognize any major areas of opportunity)
  • You fill out an intake form and we formuate a clear focus for what you’re trying to break free from, or build further, or ignite something new
  • We spend some time together, brainstorming and starting to build a plan (we can do this in person or virtually)
  • Then I do my part in helping to provide an output with tool for you that will keep you moving after we’re done
  • And with a proprietary approach, I ask for you to keep me posted and make sure our work is developing correctly

The cost is based upon how many sessions we need – and I like to keep them to under 3.

If you’re interested in learning more, reach out to chat!