This one comes from my workbook SPARK: Unlock & Unblock Your Shine Potential.

It’s a term my team at Yahoo used frequently. First brought to our attention through laughter from a great friend and colleague that was on my team, who is one of the hardest working people I know.

It’s the concept that declares: I AM CAPABLE!

Think back in your career to all the things you’ve done. All the times when you had no idea what you were doing. And the ways you figured it out and exceeded what you thought was possible.

Take that energy and start from there now. Start form a place of knowing what is possible is greater than what you might be allowing yourself to dream. And know that you’ll figure it out.

As Stephen Hawking’s quote says, “intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” You are as smart as you’re willing to allow yourself to believe that you can do anything you put your mind to even when things come at a surprise or it’s out what you thought you’d be able to do.

Being #agileAF is built with recognizing how you manage expectations and focus on being solution driven – so if you’ve not tackled those, you can. Start now.

*AF…mean’s, as f*ck. Cause there’s noting you can not conquer and you should be emphatic about it.